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Howdy, I'm Lexi

You are probably looking for some background of my photography journey, and that's a fair request, so let's dive in!

As a kid, I asked for a camera for every Christmas and birthday, and finally got a Canon Rebel T3i in 2010 - my Sophomore year of high school. That baby was my prized possession and I rarely left the house without it. I became the yearbook photographer and editor that year, and began taking photography classes my Junior year. I ventured off to Central Michigan University in an attempt of becoming a photojournalist. Once I realized journalism wasn't for me, I dropped out and headed back to my hometown of Kalamazoo to get my sh!t together, which ended up with my finding my sidekick and husband, Micah!

I enjoy craft beer, but Miller Lite is my go to

Welcome to the wonderful world of Lexi!

happy to have you here!

When COVID-19 put a hault to the world in March of 2020 - I decided it was time to resume my dream career in photography. I am now working my way towards my dream of capturing beautiful moments for old and new friends. My goal with my photography reaches far beyond snapping a few photos for clients to hang on their walls or throw in a photo album - but to create beautiful relationships and allow them to be completely and utterly themselves while I capture every moment for them.



if you mention going to get tacos I will have my keys in hand, ready to walk out the door in .2 seconds

I will stop anything and everything I'm doing to pet a dog.

I believe ALL love is magical and am a proud ally to all of my LGBTQ+ family.

a few of my favorite things

*long road trips

*the UP

*dipping my toes in the great lakes

*iced vanilla lattes - no matter the weather

*clean, cool sheets after a day in the sun


*creative photoshoots with fun couples

*a good night out with my girls


this is me

ready to dive in?